Your Onboarding Preparation for using My Scorecards

This article provides you with a thirty-minute familiarisation video and links to useful articles we recommend you read prior to your onboarding session.

For an introduction to Nazca and our Sales Acceleration and Enablement Tools, take a look at these three Quick Reference Guides:

  1.  Quick Guide to Successful Virtual Selling

  2. An introduction to the Nazca Sales Acceleration and Enablement Platform

  3. Why run Nazca Onboarding as a Deal Review?

Completing your user registration

You will have received an email to register from the Nazca Platform from the Business Administrator. Typically this will be the sales leader or manager responsible for your Nazca business account.

Registration is both quick and simple. Select the link and complete the registration. You will be sent a code via email to authenticate yourself when registering.

Give yourself thirty minutes and find a quiet location where you'll not be disturbed

Once registered, watch the following familiarisation video. Grab a coffee or tea, whichever you prefer, get comfortable and give yourself half an hour.

Thirty minutes is all it will take for us to guide you through creating your own scorecards to manage your sales opportunities.

We recommend you invest this time in yourself before your Onboarding Session. As you will see, using Nazca is all about helping you better manage a solution sales engagement.


Other useful articles and videos

We are regularly adding more articles and videos to the Nazca Knowledge Hub and recommend you regularly check what is new.

These are some of those articles we recommend you read that contain more videos.

What is my next step?

Get in contact with us and we will:

  1. Lead you through a discovery allowing us to understand your concerns, wants, and needs.
  2. Show you what's possible and how using Nazca and the Onboarding we can solve the problem to help achieve your business objectives.
  3. Listening to you
  4. Make the return on investment (ROI) case clear so you can present a compelling business case internally to invest in Nazca and plan with us your sales team onboarding programme.

To request a proposal please contact us.