How should I manage a value-based sales engagement using the Nazca Platform?

Nazca guides you and your team to strengthen your sales engagements and sales pipeline.

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Nazca manages your sales prospects and opportunities as scorecards, which are also synchronised with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system if using the Scorecard Enterprise Edition. 

This article guides you through how to get the best from Nazca and points you towards other useful articles we recommend you read for further insights and guidance.

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Why integrate Nazca with your CRM system?

We will always recommend you integrate Nazca with your CRM system because this should be your single point of truth managing your sales pipeline.

The Enterprise Edition Scorecard integrates the Jitterbit Harmony Integration as a Platform iPaaS within every Enterprise Edition.

Our CEO and Founder recently had a Fireside Chat with Jitterbit's Head of Alliances and Partners, Barry Flaherty, to discuss accelerating sales success across high-performing teams.

Treve will demonstrate the integration with Salesforce how the Nazca Platform guides you on how to better manage your sales engagements.

How can you better manage your deal reviews?

There are three jobs that we consider the most important, if not the only jobs a sales team should be doing.

Impact_Three most important skills

  1. Strengthen your sales pipeline.
  2. Prepare for and run your deal reviews.
  3. Manage an accurate and robust sales forecast.

Do all three well and your sales pipelines, forecast and business value will exponentially grow. Doing so requires you to focus on opportunities who need what you can do better than any one of your competitors in the market. We call this focusing on your Value Wedge.


A well-managed sales engagement and preparing for your deal reviews with your boss, or if your are the boss, preparing to manage them with your team, are part of the sales discipline required to succeed in sales.

The article, How can I better manage my team's deal reviews provides valuable guidance on how to manage your deals reviews and strengthen your sales pipeline.

Focus on opportunities that value you and have the money to pay you

Nazca has pioneered a sales methodology that is both dynamic and works with you in the field to develop a value-based sales engagement and strengthen your sales pipeline. We discuss the Nazca Sales Methodology in the article, How does the Nazca Sales Methodology work?

You need to take control of both your own and others' time and resources making sure you invest these into opportunities that have the greatest opportunity to close.

The image below shows an opportunity that flowed through the sales pipeline using Salesforce, was forecast to close and ended up being lost. If only this example had been using the Nazca Platform, both the salesperson and their manager would have seen there was a risk in the early stages of the sales engagement.

This specific sales opportunity was poorly managed but no one knew the risk being rolled up into the sales pipeline until it was too late, which is the reason they ended up with a Closed Lost outcome.

Sales Pipeline8

The following article, How should I qualify my company sales lead? provides you with valuable guidance on how to make sure you do the initial qualification to focus on your Value Wedge and those opportunities that value you and have the money to pay you.

Why must you handle RFIs and RFPs with care?

If you have not influenced the writing of a Response for Infirmation (RFI) or Response For Proposal (RFP), especially RFPs, as a rule of thumb, you should carefully consider qualifying out.

In the article, What is the best approach to manage the early qualification of RFPs? er provides valuable guidance on how to take control of both your own and others time and resources when responding to RFIs and RFPs.

Why must you step into the Buyers' Journey?

Too often sales teams and management obsess about their sales process and pipeline. All this does is force you to remain inward-facing on reporting where you think you are in your sales process.

Buyers and those influencing the decision to buy have little to no interest in your sales process. That is unless they know how to manipulate it and negotiate a better deal knowing you are coming to the close of a fiscal quarter or year.

The article, How do I step from my sales process into the buyers' journey? provides valuable guidance on how to better manage your sales engagement to focus on those opportunities that value you and have the money to pay you.

Managing a value-based sales engagement is all about managing time. When you forecast an opportunity that is flowing through your sales pipeline, you are forecasting it to close at some point in time.

The article, How do I step from my sales process into the buyers' journey? unlocks the secrets of managing time using the Nazca Timeline Technique.


And finally, be objective and focus on the facts

To ensure you remain focused on the facts and to guide you develop a value-based sales engagement, the Nazca Platform asks for your opinion, which you score based on factual evidence and an objective perspective.

The article, Why does my opinion strengthen my sales pipeline? explain how the Nazca Platform guides and supports you develop a value-based sales engagement. 

The table below provides an example how Nazca maps its own roles to the roles in Salesforce to guides you to better manage your sales engagement and to avoid the risk that could become an obstacle to you building a value-based deal and closing when forecast. 

# Salesforce Contact Roles  Scorecard Contact Roles
1 Decision Maker, Economic Buyer, Economic Decision Maker

Financial Influencer

2 Business User, User Influencer User Influencer
3 Executive Sponsor Champion
4 Technical Buyer Gatekeeper
5 Evaluator Researcher

What is my next step?

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  3. Listening to you
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