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Why does my opinion strengthen my sales pipeline?

We uncover the secret of how challenging your sales pipeline asking questions helps you to deliver more value and close deals when forecast.

For an introduction to Nazca and our Sales Acceleration and Enablement Tools, take a look at these three Quick Reference Guides:

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  2. An introduction to the Nazca Sales Acceleration and Enablement Platform

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A house built on sand is likely to fail and collapse. You would not build a house on sand, but this is exactly what many salespeople are at risk of doing when building their sales pipelines.

Here is a quick test to see if you are building your sales pipeline on the sand. Ask yourself how many of your sales opportunities flowing through your sales pipeline are:

  1. Slipping from one quarter to another?
  2. Not closing at the value forecast?
  3. Being lost when you forecast them to close?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, you are at risk of building your sales pipeline on the sand.

Your ability as a salesperson to forecast accurately and build a value-based sale determines your success in sales.

If your business, your boss, and those supporting you are not confident in your ability to forecast accurately and build a value-based sale, you have a major trust issue that will undermine your success in sales.

Okay, enough of all this doom and gloom. Here's the good news, all I need is your full attention to guide and show you how to strengthen your sales pipeline. Deal?

Why does your opinion matter?

Your opinion matters because this is your sales pipeline, your deals, and your career.

It is not my sales pipeline, deals, quota targets and career. So why should I tell you what to do? You are responsible and accountable for your sales pipeline, which is why your opinion is all that matters. My role is to offer guidance on how to strengthen your sales pipeline.

You are the hero in this story, not me. Think of me like Yoda, you are Luke Skywalker, the hero in this unfolding story!

And I have more good news for you. I can offer you the perfect sales engagement tool we call the Sales Process Development Platform to strengthen your sales pipeline - think of it as your light sabre.

It's not the most exciting name (we are working on that), but it sure does give you the power to take control of your sales pipeline to forecast accurately and build a value-based sales engagement!

Your opinion score will help strengthen your sales engagements

If you have read some of our other articles, you know the routine. Grab a coffee or cuppa tea, sit back and be welcomed into our CEO and Founder's Home. Treve will explain how we use your opinion score to support you strengthen your sales engagements and pipeline.


Why are the contact roles important in the scoring?

Contact roles are important because they guide you on where to focus on developing your sales engagements. Each contact role is weighted, which we explain further in the next video.

If you are using the Enterprise Edition Scorecard have it integrated into your CRM System, such as Salesforce, you will have noticed that the contact roles used in your scorecards are different to those in your CRM system. 

My Scorecards groups different roles into distinct contact groups to deliver the flexibility allowing you to select the contact role your contact is associated with your CRM system.

Our contact roles build on your CRM contact roles highlighting risks that could become an obstacle to you building a value-based deal and closing when forecast.

# Salesforce Contact Roles  Scorecard Contact Roles
1 Decision Maker, Economic Buyer, Economic Decision Maker

Financial Influencer

2 Business User, User Influencer User Influencer
3 Executive Sponsor Champion
4 Technical Buyer Gatekeeper
5 Evaluator Researcher

To simplify the scoring and support you strengthen your contact relationships, we assign a weighted score to each role you are connected with.

Salesforce uses the following roles that we map to roles you can quickly select in your scorecard.

Our approach to tracking a realistic score based on your opinion allows you to keep challenging your sales pipeline, manage a sales engagement delivering value that avoids you competing on price, and support you be more confident achieve your quota target.

How Company, Contact Roles, RFP and Conversation Scores guides value-based selling

Watch the next video for a further explanation of how we present your company, contact and conversation lead scores. How using the contact roles supports you strengthen each sales engagement to build value-based sales engagement and forecast more accurately.

Grab another coffee or cappa tea, this one is thirty minutes. If you don't have the time right now, plan for making the time and come back to watch it. 

I assure you the time you invest now will help you become the hero you believed you could be when you started out as a sales rookie. All these years later, we want to reignite that dream so you achieve your potential to become that Ninja salesperson residing within you.

If you are a manager or business leader, consider the following. Assume 70% of your sales team are currently inconsistent performers, in other words, they are not hitting quota every quarter. What would be the impact on your business and your career if each salesperson improved their sales performance by just 5%.

A 5% increase in your teams consistently forecasting accurately at the value forecast will have a greater impact on your bottom line profitability and business growth!



Our Purpose at Nazca is to create previously unknown clarity, simplicity, cohesion and completeness in even the most complex sales organizations and buyer engagements.

Using My Scorecards scoring helps guides and challenge you to develop a value-based sales engagement. The scoring is at the heart of My Scorecards challenging the sales pipeline to keep them honest and stop them lying.

Improving sales performance drives business value growth

Numerous research articles prior to the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted sales teams continued to struggle consistently achieving their quota target. According to a 2019 Salesforce survey, sales teams were struggling, 57% of sales teams expected to miss their quotas.

Whereas in a separate CSO Insights survey, The 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report highlighted over 90% of companies were achieving their fiscal plans.

Prior to the pandemic, the reason for the difference has its origins in how sales incentive plans were designed. Sales managers' plans recognise that not every salesperson would consistently achieve their quota target.

Incentive plans that solely focused on revenue quota targets undermine a company's resilience to adapt and react to market impacts, such as the COVID pandemic.

Focusing on addressing the grass-root challenge and reason why over half the sales teams were struggling to achieve their quota target prior to the pandemic, will help sales leaders build a more resilient, competitive and successful sales organisations, for the following reasons:

  1. Individual sales contributors performance improves because they have the right tools and guidance to be competitive and improve their sales performance and behaviour.
  2. Sales management performance improves because they have greater confidence in their team's sales forecast and performance. Their increased confidence drives an increase in their own sales forecast roll-up without having to be personally involved in every deal.
  3. Sales leaders performance improves because the sales discipline within their sales organisation is better prepared to adapt, is more competitive and consistent achieving quota target. Continually improving sales behaviour and discipline is the foundation required to achieve sales leaders' objective driving their business's long-term value growth and market valuation.

What is my next step?

Get in contact with us and we will:

  1. Lead you through a discovery allowing us to understand your concerns, wants, and needs.
  2. Show you what's possible and how using Nazca and the Onboarding we can solve the problem to help achieve your business objectives.
  3. Listening to you
  4. Make the return on investment (ROI) case clear so you can present a compelling business case internally to invest in Nazca and plan with us your sales team onboarding programme.

To request a proposal please contact us.