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How do I step from my Sales Process into the Buyers' Journey?

Being effective in solution selling requires us to empathise and connect with our audience to earn their trust, deliver value and win the day.

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Most companies, salespeople, managers and business leaders are obsessed with their sales process and sales pipeline. Of course, they are important - but they hold little influence with those who will award you the deal.

If you are to earn their trust and deliver value, you have to step into their world. You have to understand their feelings and frustrations, concerns, intentions, fears and hopes.

You need to step out of our sales process and into their buyers' journey to understand their struggles and challenges.

How can you do this if you are obsessing about your sales process and sales pipe, worrying about the upcoming deal review with your boss, and whether you will hit your quarterly and fiscal target?

People decide what they think of you before they decide what they think of your message. If you are relying on them to achieve your sales quota plans, you must place them centre stage, focusing on their buying journey, challenges and struggles.

You must focus on from the outset earning their trust. Trust is built up of five components:

  1. Empathy
  2. Reliability
  3. Competency
  4. Integrity
  5. Vulnerability 

Empathy and compassion will get you in the door, reliability, competency, integrity, and vulnerability keep you there.

If you are obsessing about your own concerns, your audience will pick up your lack of empathy and compassion. You need empathy and compassion to get in through the door.

Grab a coffee, or tea if you prefer, and settle down to watch this video. I assure you the next twenty-five minutes of your life will be the best twenty-five minutes you have invested in today.

I will take you through how you step from your inward-facing sales process into your audience's outward-facing buyers' journey using the Sales Process Development Platform.

If you are already using the Platform, this video will be invaluable guiding you on how to use the Timeline Reporting included with the Personal and Enterprise Edition Scorecards. If you are not using our platform and want to give it a try, contact us for your free Personal Edition 30-Day Trial License.

The Members Edition Scorecard does not include the Timeline Reporting tool. Please contact your business administrator to upgrade your subscription.

First - Take a moment to review these two images

When I discuss how to use the Timeline Reporting tool, this image will become invaluable to your understanding how you set yourself up to better appreciate how your audience is feeling, their frustrations, concerns, intentions, fears and hopes.

In the video, I introduce the Timeline Reporting Canvas and discuss how we split the buyers' journey, which will be represented as a timeline, into these four sections - Beginnings, Middles, Endings, and Value.

If you know where you are along their timeline, you will be primed to adapt your behaviour to how your audience is feeling. Do this and you are positioning yourself to connect with empathy, act with compassion, and start earning their trust to deliver more value.

You will also protect yourself if their emotional engagement is lacking, to take that vital decision whether to qualify out so you invest yours and others valuable time and resources developing sales engagements that are emotionally engaged to achieve their intended outcome objectives.


This next image is for you to consider once you have watched the video. It overlays onto the timeline report which activities you should be focusing on developing and focusing your energies and attention.


Now, settle back and enjoy the video

In this video I reference an earlier video guiding how to qualify a company sales-lead opportunity. If you want to watch this video, it is available to watch in the next section.


Here's the first video discussing how to qualify your company sales-lead.

You can watch it here, however, I would recommend you read the following article - How should I qualify a company sales-lead opportunity? first, which includes this video.

What is my next step?

Get in contact with us and we will:

  1. Lead you through a discovery allowing us to understand your concerns, wants, and needs.
  2. Show you what's possible and how using Nazca and the Onboarding we can solve the problem to help achieve your business objectives.
  3. Listening to you
  4. Make the return on investment (ROI) case clear so you can present a compelling business case internally to invest in Nazca and plan with us your sales team onboarding programme.

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