Give me a feel for Nazca and how it will help me?

If you are interested in using Nazca or you have received a registration email from your management to use Nazca, this article is worth reading before you get started.

For an introduction to Nazca and our Sales Acceleration and Enablement Tools, take a look at these three Quick Reference Guides:

  1.  Quick Guide to Successful Virtual Selling

  2. An introduction to the Nazca Sales Acceleration and Enablement Platform

  3. Why run Nazca Onboarding as a Deal Review?

An introduction to Nazca from our Founder and CEO

There is a lot packed into Nazca designed to support your success. If you have limited time, listen to Treve Wearne, our CEO and Founder give you a tour of Nazca.

We have split the video into two parts.

  1. A five-minute introduction to Nazca
  2. If you have forty-five minutes now, grab a coffee or tea for the full tour.

Who is Nazca?

We are headquartered in the famous university city of Oxford, the United Kingdom, and operate to serve our customers and partners all over the world.

Our vision is to re-imagine sales for the future. Our purpose is to support you better manage your sales engagements to create previously unknown clarity, simplicity, cohesion and completeness in even the most complex sales organizations you work as well as the sales and buyer engagements you are managing.

If you are to position us into a market, it would be the Sales Acceleration and Sales Enablement markets.

Who is Nazca? We're your partner who is committed to helping you succeed in your sales career beyond your expectations. We also happen to create great sales acceleration and enablement tools that are affectionately known as Nazca!

Which sales functions does Nazca support?

Using the Nazca Sales Acceleration and Enablement Tools is ideally suited to support:

  1. Retention and Expansion Sales - Your focus is to reduce the level of sales attrition or churn of your existing Annual Recurring Revenues, or ARR received from your existing customers. We all know it is more cost-effective focusing on retaining your existing customers than securing new ones, which is why your role is important in your business. That importance has become ever more critical as companies grapple with the impact of the pandemic and changing buyer behaviour as more buyers are looking to digital channels to complete their purchases.
  2. New Logo Deals and New Business Sales - Your focus is on securing new customers, which is often referred to as a new logo, or securing new deals with an existing customer. If you are involved in the later, you'll probably be working closely with your Customer Success Management, or CSM Team. Your role is critically important because businesses do not stand still, they must grow, which means securing new customers and expanding the business you do with your existing customers.
  3. Channel and Partner Sales - Your focus is to support your partners selling your products and services, with sales engagements supporting keeping existing customers and or securing new customers. Your role, like the other two, is critically important if you manage an indirect channel business selling to your customers working with and selling through partners.

Whichever of the three areas of sales you are working in, which could well be a mix of all three, Nazca is ideally positioned to support you.

Nazca is also ideally suited to support the following sales roles:

  1. Customer Success Management (CSM) - If you are in a CSM Team, you will be focused on minimising your Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) churn as well as expanding and securing new revenue from your existing customer accounts. Nazca will help you minimise ARR churn and increasing sales revenue from existing customers.
  2. Partner Account Manager - Your focus will be supporting your partners focus more of their time and resources on your products and services. We all appreciate partners are also looking for expert sales guidance and leadership helping them close deals including your products and services. It is here where using Nazca will become invaluable to support you deliver the sales acceleration and enablement they need.
  3. Business Development Rep (BDR) or Sales Development Rep (SDR) - If you are either a BDR or SDR, you'll be focused on the initial qualification of leads typically generated by Marketing. These leads are usually known as Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs. You will be managing the initial qualification converting them, when appropriate, to a Sales Accepted Lead or SAL. You pass your SALs onto Account Executives to further qualify. Nazca will become invaluable to you to better understand your sales leads' situation and whether to qualify them in or out.
  4. Account Executive (AE) - You will be focused on securing new business with existing customers, which means you'll be working closely with your CSM Team if your business has one. Also securing new logo deals, which means you are managing the full sales engagement, which can be complex and last many months until closing. Nazca will become invaluable to you achieving quota and sharpening your sales skills and behaviour to consistently be one of the top-performing AEs in your business.
  5. Pre Sales - You will be a Sales Engineer, Solution Architect, or Consultant supporting Account Executives, as well as the Partner and CSM Teams. Although you do not carry a quota target you are directly compensated based on achieving revenue and business growth success. You are responsible for ensuring the solutions proposed are technically fit-for-purpose. Nazca will become invaluable to you as it allows you to step from demonstrating your products or services to focusing on what is important to buyers and those influencing the decision to buy.
  6. Professional Services - You will be a consultant responsible for implementing and deploying solutions sold by sales teams. Nazca will become invaluable to you because it helps and supports you deliver on promises given and align those expectations with both the sales teams and customers. 
  7. Sales Manager and Leader - You manage a team of sales professionals, maybe CSMs, BDR/SDRs, or AEs. You may also be managing a pre-sales and professional services team. Nazca will become invaluable to you too because it gives you greater confidence your teams are managing their sales engagements well.
  8. Business Leader - You are a Sales Director or C-Level Executive responsible to deliver stakeholder and shareholder value, sales revenue and operational goals. Nazca will become invaluable to you and your success because it is helping you ensure the right culture and sales behaviour is taking root and flourishing in your business to achieve your immediate and longer-term revenue goals.

Whatever area of sales you work, or your position and role, the success of your business is reliant upon your sales teams skill, discipline and behaviour.

It is here, on the ground where the actual selling is taking place that Nazca delivers the greatest value supporting you and your teams.

Focusing on helping buyers make better purchase decisions

If you are going to step into your customers' and prospects' world to earn their trust and be awarded their business, you must

  1. Turn your focus from being inward-facing on your sales process, reporting where you think you are along your sales journey.
  2. To outward-facing, focused on your prospects' and customers' buying challenges and journey.

Nazca helps you achieve this outcome by guiding you to position yourself to help buyers make better purchase decisions.

Introduction to My Scorecards

My Scorecards presents all those opportunities that we refer to as scorecards, you are managing through your sales pipeline.

For more information on integrating Nazca with your CRM system and sales pipeline, read this article on our Knowledge Base - How do I integrate Nazca with my CRM system?


Each scorecard includes the following Sales Tools to help buyers make better purchase decisions and manage a value-based sales engagement to a successful closure.

Timeline Reporting

The Timeline Tool is simple yet powerful for all sales teams because it keeps you updated where you are along your prospects' and customers' buying journey.

Remember, most companies are not contacting sellers until they are well over half the way through their buying journey. Knowing where you are on their journey allows you to adapt your own sales behaviour and activities to how your contacts, the buyers and those influencing the decision to buy are feeling and focused on at that time. 

I recommend you also read the following article, How should I qualify a company sales lead opportunity? on our Knowledge Base.

If you are involved in qualifying RFIs and RFPs, I also recommend you read the following article, What is the best approach to manage the early qualification of RFPs? on our Knowledge Hub. 

Contact Insights

The Contact Insights guides you through the conversations you need to be having to discover and understand your contacts' stresses, their concerns, fears, and priority goals and intentions.

Could Nazca be your ideal sales acceleration and enablement tool? will give you more insight and appreciation of the value you will gain from using Contact Insights.

Buyers' Journey

The Buyers' Journey tool steps you into your prospects' and customers' world guiding you on the conversations you need to be having with buyers and those influencing the decision to buy, to help them complete six important buying jobs.

Doing so you will help them make sense of all the information they are receiving and managing to make a good purchase decision for their business.

  1. Problem Identification:  We need to do something
  2. Solution Exploration:  What is out there to solve our problem?
  3. Requirements Building: What exactly do we need the purchase to do?
  4. Supplier Selection: Does this do what we want it to do?
  5. Validation: We think we know the right answer, but we need to be sure.
  6. Consensus: We need to get everyone on board.

Helping buyers manage these six buying jobs will form the foundation to help you create a competitive proposal that compels your prospects and customers to act now.

Could Nazca be your ideal sales acceleration and enablement tool? will give you more insight and appreciation of the value you will gain from using the Buyers Journey.


The Snippets tool allow you to capture small yet critically important information related to each conversation you are managing. 

No longer will you have information scattered across different places and in your head, you can manage it all in one place related to each conversation brick, for each of your sales engagements you are managing to closure.


The Messaging tool gives you the ability to discuss a specific area of a sales engagement you are working on with a colleague who is also using Nazca. These messages remain within your sales opportunity available to refer back to and continue. 


Salespeople owning a sales engagement can selectively share their scorecards with other members of their business supporting them.

You retain total control whom you share your scorecards with. Anyone you share access can use the Conversation tool supporting you develop your sales engagement.

Deal Reviews

The deal review is one of the most important meetings you have internally whether you are a salesperson preparing for the deal review or a sales manager running the deal review.

Sales managers, using Nazca, have read-only shared access to view your team's opportunity scorecards. The Conversations tool allows you to support your team, collaborating, preparing for and following up on deal reviews.

Recommend taking a look at the following article - How can better manage my Team's deal reviews?

Draft Proposal

To avoid confusion, this tool is not creating the proposal you send to your customers. You will have a different tool for that which you can feed the Nazca information into.

The Draft Proposal tool is valuable because it allows you to review where you are at any point in time during your sales engagement.


If you are using the Enterprise Edition scorecard, you can embed Nazca directly within your CRM system.

The image below shows Nazca embedded within Salesforce using Jitterbit.


Recommend taking a look at the following article on our Knowledge Hub - How do I integrate Nazc with my CRM system?

Step into your Sales Arena

Gartner has reinforced the importance of supporting sales teams and the need for sales leaders to become leaders of selling rather than leaders of sellers. If you are interested in reading more about what Gartner has to say, I'd recommend you read their Future of Sales eBook

We discuss in more detail Gartner's guidance, becoming a sense maker and leader of selling, in the article, How can I better manage my Team's deal reviews?

What do leaders of selling mean?

It means that those who support you are willing to step into the sales arena with you.

It is why at the heart of Nazca is the Sales Arena. The image below is the sales arena from an example scorecard in Nazca.

We discuss the sales arena further in the article - How does Nazca use gamification?

Sales Arena

Helping you to structure your sales engagement

The Walls surrounding the sales arena focus you on the groups of conversations that we call conversation bricks. These are conversations you need to be having with your prospects and customers.

We don't say Can We Win? because if I win someone will lose. Instead, we change our thinking to focus on serving.

  • Can We Serve? Makes sure you are competitively positioning yourself to serve by taking the time to understand your buyers' and influencers' priority concerns, needs, and wants.
  • Support to Serve? Guides you to have those conversations that ensure you have the support within the customer organisation and understand what you need to do to close the deal when you forecasting to close it.
  • Strength to Serve? Makes sure you have the conversations internally and position those supporting you and ensure your proposal delivers on the promises given.

You must also protect yourself and your colleagues time and resources.

  • Is it a Trap? Guides you on having the conversations required to identify those opportunities you should consider letting into your sales arena and those sales leads you should disqualify.

Next, think of your competitive strength as your high ground. The image below is a good way to quickly identify your high ground. It is what you do better than anyone else.

We call finding your high ground 'focusing on your Value Wedge'.


Helping you manage your sales engagement and close plan

The image below presents Nazca embedded into Salesforce. You may be using another CRM system or using Nazca stand alone. Whatever your situation, the image helps explain how Nazca supports you sequence conversations and your sales engagement activities.



  1. Along the top is the sale pipeline, which reports internally where you think you are in your sales process.
  2. Below it is Nazca embedded into Salesforce and challenging the sales pipeline and guiding you to step into the buyers' journey.
  3. Below this is guidance for managing a value-based sales engagement. Each conversation brick in your sales arena is colour coded to guide you on when you should be planning to have these conversations.

This sales engagement was unfortunately lost because the salesperson at the time was not using Nazca.

We implemented Nazca and replayed the sales engagement. If they had implemented Nazca earlier when this opportunity was in flight they would have quickly seen that there was risk early in the sales engagement that was never fully appreciated until it was too late.

Using Nazca gives you the early warnings and guidance where you have risk and what conversations you need to be managing to mitigate that risk. 

Creating a proposal that compels action now

All your conversations, the snippets of knowledge and insights collected during your sales engagement are being continuously managed by Nazca for you to review in reports and the draft proposal tool.

At any time you can review your draft proposal and ask yourself, "Would I buy this if it were presented to me?"

The Draft Proposal tool and reporting tools are an invaluable allowing you to check, sharpen, recheck, and perfect your proposal before you submit it. And when you do, your proposal will be more competitive compelling buyers to take action now.

Better manage your Deal Reviews

The following two articles on our Knowledge Base will be useful reading how we support you better manage your deal reviews.

  1. Why run Nazca Onboarding Services as a Deal Review?
  2. How can I better manage my Team's Deal Reviews?

Finally, a word about managing the impact of the Pandemic

We have written three sales blogs that help you deal with the impact of COVID-19 on your sales pipeline.

Each sales blog builds on the previous, providing guidance on how to implement a rapid audit strategy using Nazca to help strengthen your sales pipeline after the initial COVID-19 disruption.

  1. The next steps to strengthen your sales pipeline after the COVID-19
  2. Delivering a rapid audit service to support buyer enablement
  3. When should I offer a rapid audit to help deal with the COVID-19 disruption? 

What is my next step?

Get in contact with us and we will:

  1. Lead you through a discovery allowing us to understand your concerns, wants, and needs.
  2. Show you what's possible and how using Nazca and the Onboarding we can solve the problem to help achieve your business objectives.
  3. Listening to you
  4. Make the return on investment (ROI) case clear so you can present a compelling business case internally to invest in Nazca and plan with us your sales team onboarding programme.

To request a proposal please contact us.